Bharat Lime Association was formed solely…

To promote, particularly in India, the advancement of the knowledge of limestone, dolomite stone, lime and calcined dolomite related products among its existing and prospective members and also bring into contact those engaged in these pursuits with a view to developing a synergy among them particularly the industry, the professionals, the academia and R & D Institutions.

Our Mission

BhLA’s mission is to represent and develop the Indian lime and dolomite industry. BhLA accomplishes this by approaching concerned agencies to ensure that legislation, regulations and standards affecting the industry are reasonable, practical, and mutually beneficial to the industry and society.

The BhLA team will assist lime producers, users and other stake holders to understand and comply with applicable environmental, health and safety, and other laws and regulations governing the manufacture of lime. BhLA also will serve a vital role in sharing knowledge with members, government, and other stakeholders regarding the recent improvements and other important data that play critical role to the Indian lime community.

Our Vision

To develop the Indian Lime manufacturing community as the most efficient community in the world.